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Introducing our exclusive collection of loose-leaf incense, crafted according to the ancient wisdom found in the Sepher Razialis manuscript from the 13th century. This limited edition collection features four unique blends, each perfectly attuned to the energies and themes of the seasons.

Winter: Our Winter blend is imbued with the cold, still energy of this season. We’ve combined Musk, Frankincense and Calendula to create a scent that evokes the calm, peaceful atmosphere of winter nights.

Spring: As the world awakens from its slumber, our Spring incense brings forth the scent of new beginnings. This blend includes Aloeswood, Saffron and Frankincense, creating a sense of renewal and growth.

Summer: Our Summer blend is infused with the heat of the season, evoking memories of long, sun-filled days. A combination of Costus, Mastic and Thyme provides a refreshing, invigorating scent that uplifts and energizes.

Autumn: As the leaves turn and the first chill creeps into the air, our Autumn incense captures the warmth and spice of the season. With Cassia, Sandalwood and Myrtle, this blend conjures the cozy feeling of curling up by the fire.

Each blend is made with 100% natural, sustainably sourced ingredients, crafted to honor the wisdom and traditions of the past. To use, simply place a small amount of the loose-leaf incense on a heat-resistant surface and light with a match or lighter. Allow the aromatic smoke to fill your space, bringing the energy and essence of the season into your home.

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