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Experience the magic of the cosmos with our exclusive collection of loose-leaf incense inspired by the seven historical planets and days of the week. Each variation is handcrafted according to a unique recipe from the 13th-century manuscript Sepher Razielis, compiled by King Alphonso X.

Our collection features seven variations, each designed to align with the different planetary energies associated with a specific day of the week. Made with 100% natural, sustainably sourced ingredients, each blend is carefully crafted to provide a unique sensory experience that honors the ancient traditions and beliefs.

Monday: Our Moon blend features a harmonious mix of Myrtle, Laurel, Lavender and more, creating a sense of calm and emotional balance.

Tuesday: Our Mars blend features spicy sandalwood, aloeswood, Cypress and more, giving a sense of strength and courage.

Wednesday: Our Mercury blend features a refreshing mix of Cinnamon, Cassia, Laurel and more, helping with communication and mental clarity.

Thursday: Our Jupiter blend features a blend of traditional herbs such as nutmeg, clove, citrus and other fruits providing a sense of prosperity and protection.

Friday: Our Venus blend features a sweet and floral mix of Rose, Violet, Saffron and other flowers, promoting love, harmony and beauty.

Saturday: Our Saturn blend features a deep and earthy mix of Costus, Frankincense, Pepperwort root and more, helping you feel grounded and protected.

Sunday: Our Sun blend features a bright and invigorating mix of frankincense and mastic, invoking feelings of power and success.

To use, simply place a small amount of the loose-leaf incense on a heat-resistant surface and light with a match or lighter. Or place a pinch upon a lit charcoal bow.  As the incense burns, it releases an aromatic smoke that fills your space with the unique and magical energy of each planetary influence.

Transform your space and connect with the cosmos with our exclusive collection of loose-leaf incense inspired by the seven historical planets and days of the week, as written in the Sepher Razielis compiled by King Alphonso X.

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